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  • Aw man. He may have been a little guy (or girl, I don't know), but that camera shot when he was arced up, mouth wide open, staring at your other hand was wild! One of the most impressive displays I've seen from one of these mamba videos, personally, and from such a little guy! His feistiness paid off, what a cool snake. Been my favorite ever since I was a little kid.

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  • I remember learning a long time ago that black mambas never dry bite and that prior to the advent of proper medical care (ventilators and antivenin), a bite from a black mamba was 100% fatal. I must have heard that on Animal Planet from Steve Irwin, Jeff Corwin, Nigel Marven or Mark O'Shea. I can't remember which. If they were wrong or I'm remembering incorrectly, I'm sure someone will let me know. ;) The fact this "mini-mamba" is more nippy than any other snake I've seen increases my respect for this species. And I was already impressed AF after watching Dingo dance with aggressive mambas in multiple videos. I can only compare this deadly little elapid to what I know and there really is no comparison. The behavior of our local snakes is completely different. When gopher snakes, king snakes, rat snakes and other colubrid constrictors are in defensive mode, they strike, bite and release. They'll key in on whatever part of your body is moving and basically ignore the hand holding them. Garter snakes will turn around and bite your hand, even if you're not moving. They'll usually hang on for a bit, maybe in hopes their rear fangs deliver some of that neurotoxic saliva. I've seen rattlers in rescue videos turn around and bite capture tongs, so I've decided that for me, they're definitely "nope ropes." When I find one, I feel honored by its presence, but I keep my distance. But this mamba! She's like: bite, bite, bite, bite, bite, bite, bite, bite! And each of those bites is delivering a fatal dose of venom. Wow! That's insane! I think she wanted Dingo to drop dead right on the spot!

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    • @Qaisar Jan the smooth snake (Coronella austriaca), the adder (Viperia berus) and the grass snake (Natrix natrix). The adder is the only venomus Snake in Sweden but its not nearly as venomus as the puff adder, gaboon Viper or pit Viper.

      Tasha STasha S7 kuukautta sitten
    • @Tasha S which are those? I remember seeing a dead snake on an Uppsala road many years ago

      Qaisar JanQaisar Jan7 kuukautta sitten
    • Me too!! To bad i live in Sweden where we only have 3 species of snakes and 2 of Them are smal non venomus snakes 😂

      Tasha STasha S7 kuukautta sitten
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