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  • Dingo sorry for loss of Marge. I am Shan from India, land of big four. Cobra, krait, Russel viper,saw scaled viper.

    Shan ManiShan Mani3 päivää sitten
  • So sorry for the loss of Marge.

    Shan ManiShan Mani3 päivää sitten
  • Dingo, You doing such a great thing mate. You are one of a kind and I hope to meet you one day. From the V-Falls. If I knew you were here I would of made a plan 👍

    Blaize HardingBlaize Harding4 päivää sitten
  • Your King Cobra there is beautiful and he seems very gentile. Thank God. Sorry about Marge, that sucks.

    Joseph MonacoJoseph Monaco7 päivää sitten
  • Greetings from N.E. PA, U.S. - Time for another gator.

    Keith GressKeith Gress9 päivää sitten
  • Tango it's been a minute since I watched one of your videos and I enjoyed it immensely I laughed I cried I had a great time thanks so much pressuring for educating have a great day🙏🇺🇸🥊🇺🇸☝

    Doug DeWittDoug DeWitt10 päivää sitten
  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I have horses and can understand how deeply you care for your animals. Sending you so much love ❤️

    Daeni TarthTagDaeni TarthTag12 päivää sitten
  • No transgender rights here I suppose

    Kim RKim R12 päivää sitten
    • Oh well

      Daeni TarthTagDaeni TarthTag12 päivää sitten
  • So Im thinkin the sheela is responsible for all the hair product.....I could be wrong but

    Leopardskin SaxLeopardskin Sax14 päivää sitten
  • Sorry for your loss a Dingo. Bless you

    Bobbi ButtonsBobbi Buttons16 päivää sitten
  • Hello Dingo. So very sorry for the loss of another animal. I'm in the USA.

    Sheila BSheila B17 päivää sitten
  • Sorry for your loss 😣 Thanks Dingo & family for sharing the beautiful animals with us. Stay safe and well. 💜 🐊🐍

    star firestar fire19 päivää sitten
  • Gosh i missed your live stream... 😔, condolences to your lovely snake...🖤🖤🖤

    Irene BalberonaIrene Balberona20 päivää sitten
    • @Daeni TarthTag ah ok sorry my bad

      Irene BalberonaIrene Balberona11 päivää sitten
    • Marge was an alligator not a snake

      Daeni TarthTagDaeni TarthTag12 päivää sitten
  • love your work, I have massive love and respect for all wildlife, but snakes are my first love... keep up the great work!!

    Jennifer HallaJennifer Halla20 päivää sitten
  • Boy, had a horrible time with his accent :( So, what did he lose? A Snake named Marge (looking at the comments)? What species?

    SRSR20 päivää sitten
    • An alligator

      Daeni TarthTagDaeni TarthTag12 päivää sitten
  • Is that Black Mamba named Kobe actually named after Kobe Bryant.

    Chilly CerealChilly Cereal21 päivä sitten
  • Ok, I'm from a country without venemous snakes, except the aspen viper and the common viper .... ... a littele riddle.

    franconian.bikefranconian.bike21 päivä sitten
    • My first guess was Ireland (caz of the legend of St. Patrick- which I know isn’t fully true as snakes do exist there, but far fewer naturally). However, your name makes me think France.

      Elizabeth CallanElizabeth Callan15 päivää sitten
  • Awsome colours.the patternation is unbelievable dingo.stunning

    Darren minister AtkinsDarren minister Atkins21 päivä sitten
  • How's the baby mambas Dingo ?

    Darren minister AtkinsDarren minister Atkins21 päivä sitten
  • Wales.the team you hate to play in rugby brother.

    Darren minister AtkinsDarren minister Atkins21 päivä sitten
  • In the UK bru

    Darren minister AtkinsDarren minister Atkins21 päivä sitten
  • Hi from Canada. 🇨🇦🤗👍😊

    Cheryl SmithCheryl Smith23 päivää sitten
  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I love your optimism on what you still have. I also can’t wait to see the kids videos, they are 😊 adorable. Kristy I bet he can be a handful, but a fun handful. Keep up the love and critters.

    Linda McAndrewsLinda McAndrews23 päivää sitten
  • Follow your channel long time now.. And I love your videos... Me and my family watch all videos together.. My daughter Mia and my son Miko are your biggest Fans, I think... Please go on with the way you do and wish you and your family all the best, from Germany ..

    Matthias ScheweMatthias Schewe24 päivää sitten
  • Sorry for the loss!! Always sucks

    Lou V44Lou V4424 päivää sitten
  • I'm new subscriber from Ohio united States love watching you play with the crocodiles and alligators so amazing and we learn so much from you.

    the how to channelthe how to channel24 päivää sitten
  • watching from the USA ..

    randywatchingbushrandywatchingbush24 päivää sitten
  • Hi Dingo, all the way from New Zealand...Thankyou for the education

    maree lutzemaree lutze24 päivää sitten

    Jimmy AchaJimmy Acha25 päivää sitten
  • Cliffhanger😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Wild WolfWild Wolf25 päivää sitten
  • Dingo Im so sorry for your loss.

    Jane IlsleyJane Ilsley26 päivää sitten
  • USA

    Carol StephensCarol Stephens26 päivää sitten
  • “Look at the girth!” 😏

    Brian NelsonBrian Nelson26 päivää sitten
  • Hey dingo, thanks for being a great teacher and ambassador for these reptiles. I used to hate seeing snakes, just seeing one slither was enough to make me cringe and pull away. After watching your channel and advice on dealing with these animals I’ve grown to appreciate and absolutely love them, I don’t have any snakes where I live here in Canada so I can enjoy watching them safely through your channel. Your passion and love for these animals will continue to inspire the love of reptiles in others as long as you make these videos, thanks for introducing me to such amazing creatures. Keep up the great work!

    Cole GamesCole Games26 päivää sitten
  • Send me ur email id

    pandit jipandit ji26 päivää sitten
  • Dingo, I know it's different but I've lost two dogs. One was a 9 year old Xmas gift the other was bought by myself and because they couldn't speak ppl thought I was ridiculous for mourning so deeply. Dogs to me are like reptiles to you. They are so loyal and trusting that when they suffer they look to you to end it and there's only 1 way to do that. I'll always love any kind of critter but it'll be a while b4 I'm ready to try again.

    Andrew ComeauAndrew Comeau26 päivää sitten
    • I went on a tangent, point is I mourn Marge.

      Andrew ComeauAndrew Comeau26 päivää sitten
  • Nc,USA💖 y our channel!

    Amanda BrankAmanda Brank27 päivää sitten
  • Dingo you are such an inspiration to young and old like me. What you do for conservation is outstanding. You have a fantastic beautiful family and on this side of the camera I can tell you and Kristi are phenomenal parents. Sorry I missed the live feed today and sorry about Marge thats tough loss.

    NurseydebdebNurseydebdeb27 päivää sitten
  • I’m so sorry Dingo & Family .. 💔 🐊🙁🙁

    Robyn MarieRobyn Marie27 päivää sitten
  • You made my day dingo and your wonderful wife if more people were like you the world would be a better place you made me change my mind about snakes god bless you and your wonderful family

    Lisa ChurchLisa Church27 päivää sitten
  • Don’t worry Kirsty- I’ve lived in the US Midwest my whole life, and I don’t know anyone who says "ooo doggy". Haha Love you guys though! xoxo

    Manda Toliver-CunninghamManda Toliver-Cunningham27 päivää sitten
  • So sorry for your loss Dingo! God bless you and your crew!

    Cynthia WrightCynthia Wright27 päivää sitten
  • Awe So Sorry For The Loss of Marge.. Love Thor he amazing

    Michelle MorningstarMichelle Morningstar27 päivää sitten
  • ALSO..... now you know that you have baby Rhinkals running around. Please be safe, and make sure the little ones are aware.

    Roger CookeRoger Cooke27 päivää sitten
  • Florida here watching .

    Thomas KuhlenschmidtThomas Kuhlenschmidt27 päivää sitten
  • I'm from Montreal Canada

    Roland TuckerRoland Tucker27 päivää sitten
  • I would pay 50 American dollars to be able to hold ANY of your Absolutely Amazing scaled baby’s...

    Roger CookeRoger Cooke27 päivää sitten
    • @Daeni TarthTag I’m cheap? Hahaha... it would entail. 1- flying myself to Amazing South Africa 2- paying for hotel 3- Keep trying Troll hahaha Not even a club member calling me cheap? Ok, I’m cheap

      Roger CookeRoger Cooke9 päivää sitten
    • You cheap

      Daeni TarthTagDaeni TarthTag12 päivää sitten
  • i’m so sorry

    Marallyn Ben MosheMarallyn Ben Moshe27 päivää sitten
  • shalom from jerusalem

    Marallyn Ben MosheMarallyn Ben Moshe27 päivää sitten
  • From he UK. Just found this channel. Loving it! Sorry for your loss!

    Eden HardwickEden Hardwick27 päivää sitten
  • So so sorry for your loss guys xxxx

    Laura RawlingsLaura Rawlings27 päivää sitten
  • I couldn't watch all of the live because my stupid internet went off, but watching this now and screaming laughing at your impression of Kirsty not having passion in the "Oooooh Doggay"😂😂😂

    Tracy LlewellynTracy Llewellyn27 päivää sitten
    • Goliath is next for sean 😂

      Hans GugelHans Gugel26 päivää sitten
  • Dingo - Sorry to hear about Marge. On a lighter note, I had to laugh about your storage unit story. Security comes over, but doesn't register with them that your putting stuff INTO the unit, not taking stuff out. BTW: Love your Chinese!

    Donald MoserDonald Moser27 päivää sitten
  • Sorry for your loss Dingo, crazy story though, small rinkhals kills gator its almost mind blowing

    Dylan GoncalvesDylan Goncalves27 päivää sitten
  • Sorry for your loss Dingo.

    Chris OsborneChris Osborne28 päivää sitten
  • So sorry Dingo, much love from Arizona

    G ManG Man28 päivää sitten
  • Hello from 🇨🇦

    Tammy DeMerchantTammy DeMerchant28 päivää sitten
  • My condolences from Adelaide, South Australia. 😥

    Vicki BroughamVicki Brougham28 päivää sitten
  • Im so very sorry about Marge.

    Naomi RobinsonNaomi Robinson28 päivää sitten
  • My Heart broken for the Dingo Family.. This is really besides the point but That Bushmaster is just a Beautiful Snake just stunning..Anyway Really sorry Dingo if I had a magic Wand I would bring her back....ok take care all..

    David SheltonDavid Shelton28 päivää sitten
  • Hey Dingo, Sean, and Kirsty........great livestream as always except hearing about your loss of your beloved Marge. Sometimes we just do not understand why such things happen. You mention that you are feeling down recently and I have to wonder if it is because you are over tired. I know I get weepy and depressed when I have not had enough sleep.......then everything makes me feel crummy. Just a thought? You still bring so much joy to us and I want to thank you. I hope things get better soon. I’m so glad you brought Thor out tonight........him, Goldie and Goliath are my favorite and I always enjoy seeing them. I like the other snakes too but king Cobras have become my favorite. Good night from Southwestern NY (we’re getting snow ❄️) 😄❤️🐬

    Jenn 1234Jenn 123428 päivää sitten
  • Greetings from North Carolina, USA. So sorry for your loss, Dingo & Family. Love your channel!

    Linda ComstockLinda Comstock28 päivää sitten
  • Please please please make a shirt that says “ you have to be as tough as woodpecker lips”. 😂😂😂😂. I’d by a few for sure

    Joy UtmostjoylifeJoy Utmostjoylife28 päivää sitten
  • So sorry, Dingo. Wish I could give you all a big hug.

    Joy UtmostjoylifeJoy Utmostjoylife28 päivää sitten
  • Praying for your family and you Dingo!!

    Abby RoseAbby Rose28 päivää sitten
  • Sorry Dingo and team. Losing your 4 leggers always hurts. Its 👪.

    Lisa ChaplinLisa Chaplin28 päivää sitten
  • Watching from south Carolina (USA)

    GUITARMAN 864GUITARMAN 86428 päivää sitten
  • What a great view of Thor we got today.....yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    Elise CurranElise Curran28 päivää sitten
  • So sorry to hear about marge, I feel that all of our animals become part of our family no matter how many we have and it is never easy to lose one especially the ones we build a bond with.

    Kima JarvisKima Jarvis28 päivää sitten
  • :c 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭

    Evan GraunEvan Graun28 päivää sitten
  • I am so sorry mate for your loss

    Jason WilliamsJason Williams28 päivää sitten
  • what was the heartbreaking loss again?

    MMMM28 päivää sitten
    • One of his gators died

      Hans GugelHans Gugel26 päivää sitten
  • Awww dingo my man am sorry you have lost Marge she was a beautiful gator dude please do not be down man we love the outgoing dingo xxx

    Michelle OldfieldMichelle Oldfield28 päivää sitten
  • You are the best, Dingo!!

    Jim SmockJim Smock28 päivää sitten
  • Dingo so sorry to hear of the loss of the gator. I love your videos.

    Virtual kitchen with LauraVirtual kitchen with Laura28 päivää sitten
  • Im so sorry dingo fam.

    the1whofights 43the1whofights 4328 päivää sitten
  • So sorry for the loss of Marge, I appreciate your passion for the conservation of these amazing reptiles.

    Maria GaddisMaria Gaddis28 päivää sitten
  • Really sorry for your lose, hard to lose a favorite per. But, when ever I hear the term "gator" I remember when I was abt 3 we lived in Miami, Fl. My Mom (5'2", 95 pounds) was guarding her veg garden with her trusty Broom from a 6-7 foot gator, while my Dan (standing on the back porch) "honey, I don't think that's a good idea, come back please", she keeps yelling how it's smashing her tomatoes. LOL. I love all your videos, try to never miss one.

    Jeanne Reed-NeidighJeanne Reed-Neidigh28 päivää sitten
  • So sorry for your loss, I'm petrified of snakes, but I love watching your videos. Sending love from New Zealand!

    Pam EaglesPam Eagles28 päivää sitten
  • I'm sorry for your loss

  • I've lived in the south all my life 41yrs in Florida and honestly have never herd anyone say eww doggy.. 😅 now ya all plenty. Maybe Texans say it but they got their own language and rules from what I understand. Been their a few time but can't say I've herd that either. Uncle lives their so guess I'll ask him. Ur the man Dingo.

    Florida crackerFlorida cracker28 päivää sitten
  • Please keep posting videos I really like you channel. :D

    S A M P I O N Q-新しいヘビS A M P I O N Q-新しいヘビ28 päivää sitten
  • From the States but a permanent resident of Japan.

    G HutchinsonG Hutchinson28 päivää sitten
    • And thanks for the fine videos.

      G HutchinsonG Hutchinson28 päivää sitten
  • So sorry for your loss. What a crazy situation and such a sad outcome. Positive vibes and energy to all of you and your family.

    Sherry BrzeczkaSherry Brzeczka28 päivää sitten
  • Sorry about your alligator Marge Dingo and family what a fresh accident.

    Melanie ZagataMelanie Zagata28 päivää sitten
  • Man I'm sorry bro I know how much u love your animals any loss is devastating bro

    sonny dsonny d28 päivää sitten
  • Guess he died from the frog

    Steve LenderSteve Lender28 päivää sitten
    • It was a snake

      Hans GugelHans Gugel26 päivää sitten
  • Oh Dingo and family I’m so sorry for the loss of Marge 😢💔

    Sheila BeckSheila Beck28 päivää sitten
  • What sad news about Marges passing Dingo you have such wonderful animals and everyone can clearly see the love you have for all of them thinking of you all buddy

    Paul TriggerPaul Trigger28 päivää sitten
  • When I seen the title my heart dropped. Of course I was at work and I was worried it was going to be Thor, Marshmallow , or Bella. Still a horrible loss though, but those three are my favorite on the channel 🐍🐍🐍

    Sara DyeSara Dye28 päivää sitten
  • So sorry to hear about Marge, devastating news. Lots of love 💕 Jen from the uk 🇬🇧 xxx

    Jen TurnbullJen Turnbull28 päivää sitten
  • Kolby is tame but in his FREE HANDLING A BLACK MAMBA VIDEO he came along the most laid back mamba I've ever seen. He should have kept it. So amazing!!!

    Parris LucasParris Lucas28 päivää sitten
  • Hey Dingo, sorry about losing Marge, my mate. I'm sure she was very special to you. On a brighter note, we're starting a Go Fund Me page for sharting Sean-O to help him get the poo stains out from Dot! LOL

    DanoDano28 päivää sitten
    • @Sean-O Thank you very much, Sean-O. I sincerely appreciate that. Much love and respect to you and Dingo. Please stay safe, my friend. I'll pray that nothing bad happens to you.🙏🙏 And that Goliath will respect the Duke of Shartingham, Sir Sean-O 😁

      DanoDano23 päivää sitten
    • Thank you SO much to both of you, your support is amazing and I truly appreciate it very much! The channel is nothing without supporters like you!❤ I'll keep you posted on Hans's new plqn to shorten my life!😅

      Sean-OSean-O23 päivää sitten
    • @Hans Gugel I agree, Hans - he should get some more time in front of the camera from Dingo. Sean-O is super cool and kind, and deserves more spotlight on the channel.

      DanoDano24 päivää sitten
    • Again i think sean is a nice guy kinda shy on camera but i believe he deserves a lil spotlight on camera, and him handling Sheila and dot has cemented his status as a legend of handling snakes

      Hans GugelHans Gugel24 päivää sitten
    • @Sean-O My pleasure, mate. You and Dingo make a great team and are the best channel on FIstart, bar none. I'm happy to support the cause. You're one helluva camera guy and good sport for doing what you do to bring us enjoyment and entertainment each episode. Your contributions are much appreciated as well. Keep up the good work and stay safe! 💪

      DanoDano25 päivää sitten
  • 👍🏼

    Wise 90Wise 9028 päivää sitten
  • Hi Dingo from derbyshire Uk, is your Black Mamba Kobe related to the one you sent to Chandlers Wildlife in Florida coz he named his Kobe dinkleman.

    Harvey ThorkildsenHarvey Thorkildsen28 päivää sitten
    • I thought he got that lil black mamba from a rescue he did

      Hans GugelHans Gugel26 päivää sitten
  • Funny

    Mikey likes it !!!!Mikey likes it !!!!28 päivää sitten
  • Sorry about poor Marge ! Jo here from Portugal 🇵🇹!

    Jo TerryJo Terry28 päivää sitten
  • lost my cat yesterday to there there you will find her in heaven

    darth sidiousdarth sidious28 päivää sitten
  • Auction Sean's pants to Hans!

    bob abramsbob abrams28 päivää sitten
    • @Sean-O i got a new challenge for you, willing to fork over 75 bucks

      Hans GugelHans Gugel26 päivää sitten
    • 🤣🤣

      Sean-OSean-O27 päivää sitten
    • It was a nice thing dot did 😂

      Hans GugelHans Gugel28 päivää sitten
  • USA

    anita boddingtonanita boddington28 päivää sitten