In this episode, Dingo comes face to fangs with one of the deadliest snakes on the African continent. Green Mambas are found throughout the coastal belt of KwaZulu Natal South Africa and it is here that we have one of our most intense encounters to date.




  • A green mamba is venomous

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  • Beautiful snake!

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  • 9:57 I jumped out of my shoes

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  • beautiful .. unfortunately it's a snake.

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  • Such a beautiful snake

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  • 5:30 I thought I was playing rust

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  • This guy definitely keeps slaves.

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  • Finally found the first dingo video I ever watched and still as epic as ever!

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  • Are there green mambas in Miami

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  • Snakes can smell fear so he is very I’m saying very brave if I did this I would of been bit but he is brave has heck

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  • Horror music to happy music

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  • Beautiful snake! 🐍

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  • Why do people dislike videos. The title says green mamba in house. That's exactly what the video was about. Why click on the video if you dont like the topic in the first place.

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  • Cool and exciting man ,,,, keep up the great works

  • Sm Entertainment have Black Mamba 😅😂 ✌️

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  • This guy has a set of hog balls on him.

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  • very beathifuld green mamba

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  • What a beautiful snake ! Thanks for sharing !

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  • Damn he's sponsored by mercedes and north face. Way do go dingo!

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  • Best ever video

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  • damn shes beautiful

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  • My dad killed a green mamba in west Africa in Togo 🇹🇬 and it was very chill and he did it single handedly with a shovel

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  • She seems nice❤️

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  • this guy is crazy.

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  • Hello Sir, in Chennai,India,,2005 year, in my House I saw a Green Mamba in our one year old coconut tree.I amazed, frightened,& thrilled by it's Beautiful colour, That's the first time in my Life I saw such a Mesmerizing Greenish and bottom yellowish snake,same snake as you showed,I don't know it's name, after some years I learnt in Wikipedia that snake is Green Mamba.

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  • What a beautifully coloured snake

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  • "One of my favorite snakes in the world. " Which one? "Yes."

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  • Dingo, you are one cool dude! You inspired me to buy a snake stick and relocate Southern Pacific Rattlesnakes in my yard. Thanks for being so passionate about nature.

    What Plant is that, Paul?What Plant is that, Paul?4 kuukautta sitten
  • Had to sub for your bravery here . I love studying snakes but for their slight rarity and dangerous toxins I barely never get to see mamba footage with other people and the green mambas are very beautiful indeed . What surprised me was was cause of Chandler's Wildlife ( that's how I found this channel along with a black Mamba catching video of yours) and the black Mamba footage I've seen there and the wild ones you've caught , they've seen to have a pretty twitchy aggressive attitude . And I thought the green mambas would be the same . But when you grabbed him from his chosen territory (and then nearly falling off the steps lol) I was very surprised how calm it was . Didn't seem to try to escape , try to bite back or nothing . Probably one of the nicest and calmest venomous snakes I've ever seen . Definitely hope I can find more up close footage . When you explained that they can be pretty calm sometimes , definitely something I've learnt today . Became more of a fan of this snake species now .

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  • Asbestos sheeting😳😳😳😳😳😳

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  • 2:31 You can see the snake in the background in the roof.

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    • top right

      Ashten BushAshten Bush4 kuukautta sitten

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  • After watching your shows I’ll never trust snakes again. I was taught that venomous snakes have cat shaped eyes?

    Jenny WilliamsJenny Williams5 kuukautta sitten
    • Mr. Sir01 I most definitely will my dear,ty.☺️

      Jenny WilliamsJenny Williams4 kuukautta sitten
    • Jenny Williams good thing is that there’s only 4 types of venomous snakes in the US. The copperhead, water moccasin, coral snake, and the rattlesnakes. Keep in mind that there’s multiple species of rattlesnakes though.

      Mr. Sir01Mr. Sir014 kuukautta sitten
    • Mr. Sir01 after watching his shows I will not go by the eyes. Thank goodness I don’t live in areas where I will run into one. The only common ones that we have here in Cali is rattle snakes, as far as I know anyways.

      Jenny WilliamsJenny Williams4 kuukautta sitten
    • I wouldn’t go by their eye shape. Some venomous snakes like the king cobra have round eyes, and some non venomous snakes like the red tail boa have cat eyes.

      Mr. Sir01Mr. Sir014 kuukautta sitten
  • Gg

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  • australian??????

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  • Such an amazing snake handler, your enthusiasm makes it interesting... Love from india 🇮🇳

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  • Watching from 2020 That snake is the cause of Covid 19

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  • Here is some beautiful bat poo with berries in it😂😂😂

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  • That really sucks. The shake had such a good set up for itself . Probably was so happy with itself .

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  • Woow what a Coincidence... a snake in a perfect condision... again 😏

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  • Who watching this right now

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  • "One of my favorite snakes in the world. " Which one? "Yes."

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  • He is just hanging out in rafters looking for a meal. Water moccasins will drop out of trees.

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  • Like my mom says, if it was a snake, it would have bit ya!

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  • So the green mamba is the less psycho cousin of the black mamba?

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  • Who do you use plastic containers instead of cloth bags to relocate snakes?

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  • Wtf is he sponsored by North face?😅

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  • Very beautiful green!

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  • a beauty! Very nice Mamba

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  • Isn't it too close

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  • Man he made the part when he moved the brick so dramatic just for it to be cat poop😂😭.i love dingo.

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  • I like how you presentyourself🇱🇷

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  • Even though I know Dingo knows what he is doing and is a professional snake/wildlife handler, I still get really nervous watching him lift up the debris when there is a dangerous snake somewhere around the building.

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  • @chandlerswildlife you should get one of these snakes

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  • Beautiful mamba

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  • Why don’t U carry a small ladder. Foundation does not look stable!

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  • THE DINGO!! Love ur videos!

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  • Anyone else notice the Rust Menu Music when he found the snake

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  • Bird living in the banana tree .... F#ck you dingo

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  • Yay there is a snake a garter snake at our house it is under a step at the front door the address is 9344 Occoquan overlook. Lorton

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  • The difference in demeanor from the Black Mamba is amazing. Theyre so chilled out. Probably my 2nd most favorite snake, next to the King Cobra. I wonder if they get as big as the Black Mamba.

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  • That snake and colour is stunning absolutely beautiful

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  • He makes me so nervous sometimes with how close he lets these things get to his face and hands. Yikes 😬

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  • That block work was some mess bad bricklaying

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  • north America is God's country. Big rattlers warn you when you come near, and moccasins open their mouths and hiss. In Africa they lurk and strike if you get close.

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  • There is nothing you will use to pacify me.. To go to this house.. Bro..!!!!

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  • Omg dude you're giving me mini heart attacks just letting it get in strike range like that 🤣

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  • Nice green color on that snake. Really cool.

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  • Why do I get the feeling this guy is headed for Steve Irwin's fate? Risk is cumulative... take enough risks and your number will come up. He seems too casual for the risk he's taking... even for a "professional".

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  • Man i wish he wouldn't wear shorts it puts me on edge like they gonna jump out at him and bite his legs

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  • Beautiful snake

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  • That is the most beautiful snak3 i've ever seen

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  • Oh yeah they kill ya in 2 hrs. Just keep it in my garden.

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  • Thats a beautiful animal tbh

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  • "here's some beautiful bat poo" -dingo

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  • imagine looking back at the car and the snake is under the tire oof

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  • Lmao that noise in that back ground kept makein me thinkin someones phone was ringing outside my room

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  • I just realised he's playing rust music

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    • i heard that too haha

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  • It so cute. Beautiful.

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  • why tf would that green mamba be so chill and let you get close

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  • Subscribed. Super entertaining stuff.

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  • Wow I'm from the UK I've never seen a snake like it what a beautiful snake 🐍🐍

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  • you move according to the snakes language. I see youmove bob and weave. I hope you are ok in the pandemic era. Just subbed. Ty

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  • In which country do you live

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  • Dude who else plays Rust and herd the music at 5:20 wtf

    • My man uses Rust music like the whole vid

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  • What a nice Baby...

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  • He says that every snake he finds is one of his favs

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  • Dingo: "I'm going to let it climb out to our camera. Jock you keep really still I don't want it climbing back on me, I'd rather it was climbing back on you..." I'd love to know what the cameraman was thinking when he said that!

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