In today’s episode we travel to Pure Venom Reptile Park where we get the opportunity to interact with five different species of crocodilians. What a rush as I spent the entire day trying to escape thrashing teeth and crushing jaws. I just love crocs!!!




  • I wonder if dingo ever met Steve irwin

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  • Why would someone dislike this video? We will feed you to the crocodiles if you dislike this video!

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  • Just dont swim with stingrays

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  • Was it me or a lot of these gators looked fake then ended up being real lol

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  • You got clipped on your knee, or just brushed? Too close, DINGO MY MAN!!!🎩🖤😎😍

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  • Dingo im an Aussie Youre awesome man , fair dinkum , I love your " rough as a bushman's foot " type lines Steve irwin would dig you mate

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  • He remind me of Steve Irwin

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  • That second aligater with his girl. Flexed on dingo as he went to walk away. He was like ya better walk away haha. Tried to make dingo flinch.

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  • *Dingo*- Alligators or Crocodiles

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  • Dingo I love you but. Your giving me anxiety with this lol your crazy 😂😌😱

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  • Sensationsgeiler Spinner !

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  • i need to visit SA before i die..... and see all these dragons:)

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  • Steve Irwin lives

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  • I never understood why covering their eyes calm them down....that would freak out almost everything else

    Jolfer 13Jolfer 138 kuukautta sitten
    • Humans are different; we depend heavily on our eyes so being blindfolded increases our anxiety tenfold. Other species tend to become more reserved, relying on other senses to ascertain their environment.

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  • Alligator why you hitting on my girl

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  • Hey Dingo, ever since I started fighting I have warned when I make a deep growl I'm getting mad, and I molded it from crocodiles because they have one of the most intimidating sounds. I used the intimidation so I don't have to fight, and it makes me happy to hear and prove me right by explaining the sound and temperament of these amazing beasts. I will even say that my favorite BJJ submission is the anaconda choke aka the gator roll aka the death roll. What better submission than what the apex reptile uses to tear apart big food

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  • You need your own hour show on Animal planet or Discovery channel , these videos are the best but too short lol.

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  • Like a freaking t rex

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  • What’s really scary about crocs it’s you think your not in striking range behind them, but they can whip around in a fraction of a second and bite.

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  • Freaks me out when put your knee down like that dingo. Be careful bro. Just takes one miscalculation and its lights out man. Need you to get me through this arse of a lockdown. I'm hooked on your vids brother. keep them coming, they are great.

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  • The cayman and the alligators (Alligatoridae), in Brazil, we call jacaré.

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  • Croc trying to kill you? Is’t everything trying to kill you?

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  • I love the way he said "and I was wrong". hahahaha....

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  • I like Dingo. Thousand times more than the showy let-insect-bite-me guy.

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  • Crazy guy

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  • I love you DINGO!

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  • Crocodiles are my favorite animals. Just brutal

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  • Those crocs are hissing, I think that means getaway from me.

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  • You're really making me nervous.

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  • Please do more content on crocodiles as well.!

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  • I love the alligator and Crocodile sounds. It's so chilling but nowhere I'm going close to it without a professional lmfao.

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  • I love this content dream job ! Amazing how dedicated you are dingo! Been a fan for a long time

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  • You are on another level bro.

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  • hahahhahahahahaah im sitting here with my girl LOL!!!!

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  • You have bigger balls than me.

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  • Damn, that Nile croc chomped down so hard, he broke teeth n started bleeding..they dont even know theres teeth in there mouth. They just chomp for kill....

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  • I worry more about Dingo than my own children.

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  • Seriously, why the hell these amazing videos are not on TV. Superb content we all should see

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  • Top content

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  • This is just crazy 🐊🐊

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  • Can't wait for some new ones!

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  • Dingo your reaction times need some work.

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  • why would anyone feel their grandamas stubble?

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  • He said that he has been bitten by the first crocodile but still takes risks with it 🤨

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  • beautiful the Nile Coroc but looks like so aggressive and dangerous :D...beautiful video!!!!

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  • Amazing and if I don't get my Dingo out wink every day I can't sleep...

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  • That sound at 14:07

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  • very grazy man

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  • who jumped at 12:57 ?? I nearly drop my phone lol 🤣🤣 Dingo you got some ball mate😅

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  • Dingo, you have the biggest balls ever!!!

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  • Awesome vid Dingo. You totally c***blocked that gator

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  • Adorable creatures.

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  • I can't find my ballz..i lost them

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  • Dingo your amazing.....

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    • Thank you

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  • Good video. Nice information never known before. but still many animal conversationalist would say he is irritating those crocs with the stick.

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    • Dingo Dinkelman 🤣🤣 sure they will but I don’t think they can find courage to even come near the croc 🐊

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    • Those so called 'animal conservationists' can then jump in with the croc and get the footage using their hands instead of a stick :)

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  • How come there was some blood on the last nile or was that just from the food

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    • From the food

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  • i was so upset when we lost steve irwin . many tried filling his boots and failed TILL DINGO what a guy . he makes dangerous animals so interesting again and helps educate the fear from people like me .. i use to be scared of mambas but now i understand them because of dingo I have no fear of bumping into one . thanks matee from u.k ...

    • Thanks for the support mate

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  • Why do they permanently keep their mouths open? Ready to take a bite anytime? 😱

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  • New subscriber! Amazing channel. Hi from France

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    • Hi France. Welcome mate

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    • Thanks will do

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  • Hi dingo can you do a video of all your snakes and animals you have that would be awesome from venomous and dangerous to non venomous

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    • I will be doing some room tours in the next month or two. This should show most of the animals. Great idea, thanks for the request

      Dingo DinkelmanDingo DinkelmanVuosi sitten
  • . The last part was the most interesting for me because you were saying about them swinging their head and their tail to knock you down and bite, and I like that because I do a martial art called 'Xingyiquan' that imitates the shape and defensive/attacking strategies of various animals. Maybe I can make something that copies the Nile crocodile's strategy. Great video!

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  • I can see the croc's Persionality Lol "Shove off Dingo" there dangerous but I held a baby Gater it just sat there in my hands

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  • Needs a TV show!!!

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  • Glad I found this your channel my son enjoy it. You are great

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    • Thank you

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  • 7: 39 the noise

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  • I binge watch all of your videos I love them. Keep it up

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    • Thanks mate

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  • Hi there. I dont understand how you do this. Can you tell me how to be calm if I ever find myself around wild predators? Is there some hypnosis trick you use on them? If not, then howcome they are not lunging at you unless you provoke them? Im completely confused at this. And what about if i fall into their river? Is there a swimming technique so they dont come come trying to bite?

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    • Lol. I have been interacting with wild animals since I was a young boy. It is what comes natural to me. If you remain calm, most of the time they will remain calm. If you fall into their river though, you will be eaten.

      Dingo DinkelmanDingo DinkelmanVuosi sitten

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  • Wow are talent most ..👌👌👌👍👍👍

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  • Nic sar ...

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  • Respect Dingo , but I hate these damn things 🐊🔫❌

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  • Just watched this again (up late, brought home a new snake today, took photos of her in her viv, so too revved up to go to bed lol). This video is just incredible! Roll on the mamba eggs hatching....

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    • ha ha I hear you mate.

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  • Dingo out!! Gotta love it....

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    • Thanks bro

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    • Ha ha. It was a long day and at the end I was sick and tired of every animal trying to kill me.:)

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  • I kept jumping with fright!

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  • I love how he keeps poking them with sticks even though they are all pissed 😂

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  • You are so courageous....respect to god lol

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  • "smooth as Grandma's stubble"

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  • First one Super Chill and cute! 😍

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  • Please try to do a video with no music, at least not while you talk or interact with animals

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  • This is dope💯

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  • 👋 hi. I’m subscribing to your channel I’ve watched some videos they’re really great and enthusiastic ! Very informative too. Congratulations on the work you’re doing. We all need to come closer to nature and save these creatures by understanding them better , and we can do this through people like yourself. In this video I thought that the crocodile at the end of the video was hurt and his tooth was bleeding after we heard that sound of jaws biting on each other ! Poor guy.

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    • BADDAZZ GARAGE ok thank you for the value addition to my knowledge. It’s really amazing I didn’t know at all. Don’t get angry. Thanks again.

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    • BADDAZZ GARAGE ok that’s something new I’m learning today, so you mean crocs injure themselves and bleed at gums while feeding ? Doesn’t sound to be very normal to me but if you say so. Good for them if they don’t develop any infections later and heal completely. Thanks !

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  • I wouldnt do this for a million dollars. You must have massive balls

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    • TheAverageMLG 🤣🤣

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  • The sheer size of your balls

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  • Smooth as grandmas stubble 😂😂

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    • Kyle Pasta 😜

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  • How do you be around dangerous animals all the time???

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  • The first croc looks so happy 😂 am I right like if I’m right?

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  • we should buy dingo a kruiwa for xmas to carry around his huge balls


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  • Rough as a bushmans foot on top. Hilarious

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