The topic of whether people should free handle snakes is one of the hottest topics polarizing people on both sides of the argument. In this video I discuss handling and free handling with Chandler from Chandlers Wild Life and I give my own opinion at the end of the video.
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  • The reality/ánd irony of handling venomous snakes is: Dingo has a bigger chance to get MURDERED on his South African farm - than what 'snake-handeling' poses to him!! (He/or others - might not like me saying this... But it's a fact)!!

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  • I love Thor! Damn, he's a handsome fella!

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  • Love chandler! Such a great dude!

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  • That's like with any animal's if you show fear they no it and there coming for you i have a Rotty he a big baby but he is a trained guard dog as well he looks at me I can say the 1 word he coming for that person's throat there bite pressure stronger then a pit bull ... Animal's sence fear .... Be calm

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  • Dingos king cobra looks like kevin chandlers king cobra there so handsome I love the king cobras

    Britt-Britt LaShureBritt-Britt LaShureUukausi sitten
  • I like Chandler, but I feel he lets the snakes get too close and is in constant mortal danger... Completely unnecessarily sometimes. It just freaks me out... But if he's comfortable, I guess he knows better than I could.

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  • Chandler!!!!!

    Keep your snake ok qlease FKeep your snake ok qlease FUukausi sitten
  • If its your time its your time god forbid

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  • For a while I thought i am staring at before and after of Dingo 😁

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  • Your cat, your dog, is a wild animal, and can hurt you if mistreated.

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  • Chandler, it was after your Trouser Snake.

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  • Chands, what car did you get here in the US That is right hand drive?

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  • Chandler you an Dingo are very passionate about y'all animals thumbs up to you guys later

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  • Chandler quit using the name Jimmy so strong use Tyler knock on wood I've not been bitten okay lmao i have all my fingers

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  • Davidsfeed for instance he is gonna get tagged one of these days he free handles but is so sloppy doing so

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  • Love this video

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  • Ok I love snakes but I will never go and handle a venomous snake because I have no experience with that animal and the animals want to be left alone so I will leave it to the professionals and admire the animals from a safe distance even though i love them there better off without me trying to pick them up

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  • What kind of car was Chandler driving? Bc he was driving on America's passenger side lol

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  • I had left comment about his channel. Dingo I like way you handle snakes what you do. You get them out let them tire out. You don’t just straight to and pick up. Like I never am nervous watching your channel. It made me in love with snakes. But I am not gonna like I posted about chandlers channel. I never see gloves it straight picking up. Kissing snake. I seen one king cobra they put in wild starting face to face with him. I do think he will get bitten. He does not do the safety procedures like you. I can tell you been doing it for 20 plus years and he is new. Just like you black mamba strike. I think he will run into an encounter it will make him have more respect for snakes. I am not saying he doesn’t have respect, but I just am nervous. Even if born in captivity they are still wild and made to be in wild.

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  • How has it took me this long to see this video dingo and chandler 2 of the world's best. you can see how much they love and care for every animal they have totally love the both of you

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  • Full respect for these guys. Like the way they respect the reptiles. There is another guy I follow keenly, DAVIDSFEED is his channel on FIstart. Again a guy who has never held any snake by its head. Have learnt so much about these animals from all you guys. RESPECT!!

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  • I free-handle my one-eyed snake everyday

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  • We all know, if either one of these passionate guys stop uploading what has happened. Just pray that day never comes. 🙏🖤🐍

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  • Who is bigger, Kevin or thor?

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  • I really believe animals can feel when someone is nervous when their around them it makes the animals nervous plus no one is at their best when their scared or nervous

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  • I'm scared of snakes😨, that's why I watch you guy's.💕 I'd love to visit with you Chandler; Central FL here.🤗

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  • My two favorite handlers in the same video, love you guys and your snakes.

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  • This is like lebron james and Michael jordan of the snake world just talkin...absolutely amazing!

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  • Damn... cant wait for a colab.

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  • You have a job that you too had to start at the bottom of the ladder. Some people think they can start at the top like the professionals. Those people are the critics that don't know what they are talking about. They are what they call the wannabe chiefs. You are a professional at what you do and your darn good at it!! Keep up the great work and fantastic videos. 🥰👍

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  • This like the Snake handling version of the movie "Looper"...1000% awesome

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  • Thor and Kevin are the best most well behaved snakes ever. This makes me happy to see these two men together as well. These guys definitely need to hang out. Also, the method of handling really doesn't matter. If you make the snake uncomfortable, the snake will destroy you. They can tell when you are scared. So DO NOT make them feel scared.

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  • Nice job, guys. Enjoyed it.

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  • Chandler is one of those that talks too much and is always interrupting ppl to get out what he wants to say. Still seems like a cool but damn lol

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  • The way he talks makes everything sound more intense and enthusiastic lmao

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  • Like this video if you wanna see Chandler, Tyler, and Dingo go out in the Bush together!!

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  • Well this makes me look like a doofus, I’ve been asking for a crossover/collab and I had no idea this vid existed. Awesome. Chandler still needs to visit South Africa for his next adventure to meet up with you

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  • Hi Chandler and Dingo you 2 are amazing with snakes I am subscribing both of you

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  • I was crushed when Steve Irwin died. But Dingo and Chandler are my new snake handlers. You two are every bit as cool as Steve. Love you both. Keep up the great work. My grandson and I watch together.

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  • I’m sure driving while on FaceTime is far more dangerous than free handling king cobras 😉 Chandler is “nuttier than a squirrel’s poo” 🤣

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  • This video would of been good if Tyler Nolan had been part of it, considering he also free handles cobra's and nearly died from a King Cobra bite.

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  • Yes!! Finally my two favorite keepers collab!!

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  • crossover love you both dingo dont listen to the negative comments

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  • i love you both just incredible so glad i found you im not a snake person but ty for what you do we do bees just as dangerous

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  • It looks like a lot of red tape before I get a cobra eh dingo ?

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  • My two favourite snake guys 👍

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  • That was cool you and Chandler know each other an did this video together nice video. Ps. Please be safe. I care about you and would miss you very much.👌🏻😂😉

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  • braaa, dis awesome! kan ek kom kuier xD

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  • Chandler is right

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  • Nice can't wait to see you two do something together in the wild.

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  • You should do a collab with predatory fins and feed giant arapaimas

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  • A huge thank you for sharing.

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  • I love snakes. I think They're beautiful and majestic. And the way I feel confident in handling them is, I don't. I leave them well and truly alone and admire them from a distance.

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  • U sure are brave

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  • Two of my favorite youtubers in a single video....

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  • Has anybody noticed thatthese 2 guys like alot alike... like could be father n son or brothers for sure!

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  • Do you know about Venom Central's youtube channel? He's an expert art raising Bushmasters.

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  • Dingo, Chandler, never mind the critics! Most people only criticize others to cover up their own inadequacies so when they talk bad about you it’s motivated by jealousy. Also I have watched you both and I see that you know how to read the animals and their body language BUT I also see that these snakes are reading your body language and your moods. So when you handle them the way you are comfortable and you are relaxed the snake can see and feel that and they relax. Loved this video with you both!! Keep up the great work mates and stay safe, stay strong!!!

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  • Omg no way what an awesome collab this is exciting

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  • Dingo make sure you have an Epi Pen on you at all times to use in case of an accidental bite. You probably already do but I just wanted to make sure. We enjoy your videos and appreciate all you do mate.

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  • I can't wait for *Dingo* to do the volunteer thing again! I hope I'm able to sign up! Its a dream of mine to actually see *Africa* let alone be around these amazing animals. I used to be afraid of snakes, almost hated them, now I am in love with them and love being around them. Thanks *Dingo* 💯💯💯💪💪

    Brandon BlackfyreBrandon Blackfyre5 kuukautta sitten
  • Honestly, you should handle wild animals and *venomous* snakes the way *YOU* feel comfortable. Everyone handles them differently. Some people never *free handle* snakes and some people always *free handle* .. Its whatever makes the person actually handling the snake comfortable, not the one watching

    Brandon BlackfyreBrandon Blackfyre5 kuukautta sitten
  • Can't wait to see you guys together! You better tell *Chandler* to chill out with that "old man" talk 😂

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  • In short, do what the hell you want, just don’t be stupid and think before you act,

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  • Hi Dingo , you are my hero! Keep doing what you do. I am turning 9 on Thursday 7th of May and snakes is my favorite. I have my own ball python and I hope that one day I can meet you!

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    • thanks buddy for the message. happy birthday mate

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  • Exactly what I wanted a colab with chandler

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  • Finally my 2 favorite snake Handlers in the world meet up! Wow

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  • You two are definitely a match made in heaven (or hell). I'll give you that much.

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  • Oh God Chandlers one of the most renounced anythings!? Jk jk

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  • Chandler, Tyler and Dingo my must see vids

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  • totally agree with you both!

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  • Awesome video dingo and Chandler.

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  • This is the crossover that we all needed !!! THANKS

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  • Chandler admits to being a Florida man. Hopefully he never really is. I have no desire to handle snakes, but I am fascinated by them and love watching Dingo and Chandler.

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  • Wow Christmas came early! This is what I needed during this stupid pandemic crises. Dingo and Chandler interacting with each other? Been waiting for this in a long time. Thank you Dingo and Chandler for this!

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  • I think this is extremely important to talk about in a level headed way. I've watched both of you guys. I'm well into my 30's. So for me, I understand certain things now that I definitely didn't understand when I was younger. As far as I'm concerned.. This isn't something I personally do, but I understand the passion behind. So, If these are things you truly understand and you put the work in.. You should be able to do what you want. If this is something you don't agree with... Then don't do it. I also think that the media needs to get away from making the animal the "villain" in bite situations. That's Not helping the animals. And it's making these conversations more difficult.

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  • Great interview Dingo!

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  • Do this with a green mamba

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  • l dont have venomous but if l did l know l would freehandle some, it just about reading body language and knowing your snakes. l know that is how l work with my non venomous, they may not kill you if they bite but why get bitten at all if you do the right thing by them and understand them first.

    Gotta love carpet pythonsGotta love carpet pythons5 kuukautta sitten
  • I’ve been waiting these types of videos for a long time. Keep up both dingo and chandler, and both of you guys stay safe

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  • This was the most iconic crossover ever... Steve's looking down at these guys in admiration.

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    • 💜

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  • Omg I want some Cuban coffee!! Brings me back to south Florida/key west!! I can’t wait to go back!! I wish I were still young and wild like Chandler. Unfortunately life comes at you as you age!

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  • i've been handling snakes since i was a todler

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  • 2 of my favorite snake handlers!! Good stuff dingo greetings from Georgia,USA

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  • My two favorite snake guys, ever.

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  • Love you dingo just had to put my dog down this video helped me out

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    • Sorry to hear that mate. Glad the video helped

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  • Two great snakes, 2 great people, one great video, Both Dingo and Chandlers videos are always awesome.😊😊

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  • Housing any of those snakes is a terrible idea. Unfortunately it's not if these guys get bit, it's when. And I don't wish that on anyone. These 2 guys are fantastic. But they shouldn't be pets for anyone regardless of experience level.

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  • I loved this very good guys .. good job

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  • My 2 favorites in 1 video! Couldn't be happier!! 😍😍

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  • Love this type of video, maybe you could do a collab with Brian Barcyzk as he is another wildlife youtuber which would be cool

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  • THIS IS THE CROSSOVER I WAS WAITING FOR!! Thank you guys Im a huge fan o both of you, hopefully when this is over you guys can go on some adventures and bring us along withing the ride, love your passion for this beautiful animals, huge love from Mexico!

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  • Thor is beautiful

    Steve LenderSteve Lender5 kuukautta sitten
  • I respect you for your love and care of the animals. It’s people like you who will teach the younger generation the respect they will need to handle not only venomous but other snakes. Although I have no desire to handle a venomous snake I enjoy watching you and others.

    Vickie RichterVickie Richter5 kuukautta sitten
  • Dingo, I want to thank both you and Chandler. I have had a terrible fear of snakes since I was a small child. I have a 3 year old daughter and have wanted to raise her to face her fears. About 6 months ago I made the decision to try to overcome my fear of snakes. I began watching FIstart videos about snakes and even held a baby corn snake for about 60 seconds at a local pet shop. Two months ago I stumbled upon Chandler’s channel and your channel. They both have been so incredibly helpful in dealing with my fear. Thank you both for the work that you are doing! I am still have some fear of snakes but am slowly becoming more and more comfortable with them. God bless, Dan.

    D.V. JefferyD.V. Jeffery5 kuukautta sitten
  • Legit name a better duo than dingo and chandler

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  • I’ve literally been waiting for this collab soooo much I love both of y’all channels

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  • I’m glad you said not everyone handles them the right way. I agree with most animal rights. Don’t believe we should keep whales in captivity. Considering how large and much room they really need. Now other animals are different what are the people doing with them. Is it for breeding to help bring them back from the brink of extinction. Is that they were injured and would have died. Is it they were rescued from someone that was mistreating them are collecting them for no reason and now they can’t go back to the Wild.

    Michael BryantMichael Bryant5 kuukautta sitten
  • Also I say use hooks are hands. As long as you are very skilled and professional and respectful

    Michael BryantMichael Bryant5 kuukautta sitten